52 Seconds 2018

72 hours after a shattering earthquake hits his hometown, a filmmaker grabs a camera and discovers a universal, first-person tale of memory, loss, and coming back home in the least likely of circumstances.

Roots 2018

Collection of six very personal documentary shorts made by female directors.

To Want, To Need, To Love 2018

Three young people visit three cities over three months as part of an ambitious and transformative art project that creates musical and performance pieces.

Chanakayathanthram 2018

A fresh-out-of-college criminologist, finds himself pit against an evil mastermind, whom he has can only outdo by using his wits and courage.

Wings 2018

In a society where men control the purse strings as a way of holding power over the family, a woman breaks free from the domestic prison her husband has created to continue her job as a street cleaner. A beautifully realised film with a strong visual aesthetic and a quiet power.

Kahal Kadosh: Sacred Community 2018

A portray of the life inside a small Jewish community in Temuco, Southern Chile, home of the oldest synagogue in the country. Narrated mainly by female voices, descendants of one of the founding families of the community, their testimony will give a gender perspective, willing to challenge their cultural heritage.

The Hit 2018

Two hit men awaits their target in an empty shop lot, but the job has been delayed and they wait into the long night.

Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground 2018

The 29-minute experimental film Christmas on Earth caused a sensation when it first screened in New York City in 1964. Its orgy scenes, double projections and overlapping images shattered artistic conventions and announced a powerful new voice in the city's underground film scene. All the more remarkable, that vision belonged to a teenager, 18-year-old Barbara Rubin. A Zelig of the '60s, she introduced Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan to Kabbalah and bewitched Allen Ginsberg. The same unbridled creativity that inspired her to make films when women simply didn't, saw her breach yet another male domain, Orthodox Judaism, before her mysterious death at 35. Lifelong friend Jonas Mekas saved all her letters, creating a rich archive that filmmaker Chuck Smith carefully sculpts into this fascinating portrait of a nearly forgotten artist. An avante-garde maverick, a rebel in a man's world, Barbara Rubin regains her rightful place in film history.

93Queen 2018

Rachel "Ruchie" Freier breaks her community's glass ceiling by creating the first all-female EMT service in the city.

Ray Meets Helen 2018

Ray meets Helen during a random collision of altered fates. They are strangers, over sixty, lonely, luckless. He hit rock bottom in the big city, she on a small farm. It’s a struggle not to give up or in. But then separately and without warning, each becomes overwhelmed by unrelated and extraordinary events.

Kyrsyä: Tuftland 2018

Headstrong textile student Irina tries to overcome her problems by accepting a summer job offer from an isolated and offbeat village of Kyrsyä. As Irina begins to get a grip of herself, the harmless and offbeat hillbillies begin to reveal their true nature.

Big Time 2017

Big Time gets up close with Danish architectural prodigy Bjarke Ingels over a period of six years while he is struggling to complete his largest projects yet, the Manhattan skyscraper W57 and Two World Trade Center.

Absolute Rest 2015

A divorced woman leaves Damghan with her child to live and work in Tehran but her ex-husband does everything in his capability to force her to go back.

Last Year 2018

A group of deaf friends prepares to face their greatest fear: to attend a school of listeners.

The Accountant of Auschwitz 2018

Oskar Gröning, known as the "Accountant of Auschwitz," was charged with the murder of 300,000 Jews. When he took the stand in 2015, at the age of 94, his trial made headlines worldwide.

Slut or Nut: The Diary of a Rape Trial 2018

York University alumni Mandi Gray is forced to grapple with a university administration, legal system and police force unwilling to take seriously her report of rape by a fellow PhD student.