Two guys desperate for cash open their own muscle-for-hire business. This inadvertently opens a gateway into the heart of the city's seedy underworld. Under constant attack from hitmen, zombies, religious extremists, and serial killers - can they rescue their baby and pay the rent on time?

Satan Claus 1975

"In the mid-Seventies, I was working as a projectionist for this crummy movie theatre in downtown LA. The owner owed me six weeks back wages and when I ask him for the money, the scumbag has the gall to inform me that I'm getting laid off Christmas week. If he'd known my reputation for mischief, he might have thought twice about it. On my last day of work, I had to project a Christmas matinee for kids. Before the main feature, I added an unannounced opener to the program called "Satan Claus". I fled the theatre right after my film ended but I heard the owner had to refund the entire box office. Even then, several outraged parents filed a lawsuit against the theatre. Merry Christmas, you cheap bastard!" - J.X. Williams

Amy Goes to College

Amy lives on an island off the coast of Scotland where not a lot happens but the good news is that she is leaving for the big city and university. She gets a camcorder and begins documenting her new life with new friends. She soon befriends the other girls in her halls and they have a lot of fun together. She becomes particularly close to Clare who seems to have some dark secrets in her past and only trusts Amy. The relationships between the girls develop and intensify and Amy starts to change in ways she did not expect. Clare persuades Amy to play pranks on one of the other girls in the flat, but as Clare's methods become more extreme Amy starts to doubt the sanity of her new friend. There will be blood, seduction, murder and terror before Amy finally has to confront her friend.

La alacrana 1986

Those involved in the making of an amateur porn video end up getting slashed to death with a cane sword. It's up to the brave policewoman Eugenia aka The Scorpion (Maribel Guardia) to stop him.

The Ghosting 1992

A spunky working mom moves her husband - still stressed out from the Vietnam era - and their two children into an old abandoned church where they are tormented by an evil shape-shifting ghost from hell.

Ghost Bell 1985

The spirit of a former leader who was killed during the construction of a new bell tower haunts a village.

Death by Love 1991

A serial killer artist finds himself being stalked by a childhood friend.

Halloween Horrors 1992

Two beautiful sisters are kidnapped and held for ransom and left bound and gagged in a makeshift dungeon. Stocks, nooses, coffins, and racks are all used to subdue the helpless women. Twist follows twist until the final shocking conclusion!

Diamond Cat Eye 1989

Treasure hunters are after a special diamond that can only be found in a mystic cat spirit's eyes. They get their hands on it but misfortune and death quickly befall all of those involved and will continue to do so to their descendants unless the jewel is returned to where it belongs. This is a remake a 1972 film. A later TV adaptation was released in 1999.

Oil of Eternal Life 1984

A young woman is cursed by a sorcerer to live as a Krasue, which means her head sometimes detaches (complete with guts and internal organs dangling beneath) and she seeks out blood.